Chrystal & David DeCoster, proprietors

Who knew that when we met on a pitch black night in northern Minnesota that 45 years later we'd be side-by-side pitchin' 250+ artists & consignors at Western Stars Gallery?

After 'real jobs' in planet-friendly chemistry and the whole spectrum of visual communications, raising two mighty fine kids, & living a dozen or so places  stateside / abroad, we def lucked-out when Lyons lured us into living here in 2010.

Western Stars Gallery & Studio rang-up its first receipt in November of 2015 with Chrystal, Betsy Hubner & Clara Thomas at the register. Since 2019, just Chrystal & David have been loving the variety platter that each day presents...

Whether donning our visitor center / tourist guide hats, ushering in all things unique / unusual, welcoming / encouraging artisans of all ilk & abilities, freshening the curation / promotions of our ever-changing mix, juggling time for civic contributions, & cherishing our expanding family / circle of friends, we thank our lucky Western Stars that we've gotten to linger longer in Lyons & help support this ever-expanding local arts community known for its tangible & alluring creative essence.